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There have been many boxing fights to talk about since the history of boxing but what does it really take to be considers as an interesting boxing fight? There are so many things that thrill boxing fans when it comes to boxing fights.

In fact, some are thrilled with the way the punches are delivered to their opponents, some are thrilled with the manner opponents get brought down in just a short time while others may be thrilled by the impressive number of titles these boxers have. But one thing is sure, boxing fights are one of the most emotional and interesting fights in any sports the world has ever seen.

Going back memory lane, many boxing fans can remember the fight between Muhammad Ali and Joe Frazier which was known as the “thriller in manila” as at that time. This was one of the major boxing fights that have come in the sport of boxing since inception.

Many fans were simply emotional about the deadly punches being thrown by both boxers. It was interesting with the venue jam-packed to the brim as fans try to catch a glimpse of the action. Major boxing fights like this have been making headlines time and time again and it is always one fans do not like to miss for whatever reason.

However, the truth is that not all boxing fans can watch these fights live in the venue. For example, many fans of Muhammad Ali and Joe Frazier were not able to watch the fight at the venue due to some circumstances beyond their control.

The fortunate thing about today’s boxing fight is that there are other ways fans can watch these fights without having to go to the venue where it is taking place. Today, you can watch live broadcast of all major boxing fights from the comfort of your home.

Fortunately technology has taken sports viewing to the next level where everyone irrespective of where you live can join and catch the fun following and supporting your favorite team.

Boxing is not an exception to this as you now have the opportunity to watch all high profile boxing fights live anywhere you are. In this case, you do not need to subscribe to Cable TV which is expensive but all you need is your devices, iPad, Mac or even a PC and you will see the fight live.

To watch live broadcast of all major boxing fights, you need to go to websites like and watch these fights for free. The good thing about the mentioned site is that you can watch these fights in high definition which adds to the exciting experience.

So whatever happens on the boxing ring between your favorite boxing star and their opponent can be seen live from the comfort of your home as long as you have a fast internet connection, a capable device and logging onto

Therefore, if you are a boxing lover, you now have another option to watch live broadcast of all major boxing fights.